We supply disability aids, mobility equipment and daily living aids in UK at competitive prices. The specially designed products assist in independent living of the elderly and disabled to meet their own needs with ease.
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TurnEasy (Fleece)
TurnEasy (Fleece) | The TurnEasy is a portable swivel seat cushion which is ideal for easier car access. This rotating cushion helps to alleviate back and hip strain by reducing the need for twisting movements. It smoothly rotates 360° in any direction allowing easier transfer in and out of a car. The TurnEasy can be used as a turning aid in a car as well as on a chair or bed, or as a stand-on turntable for indoor transfer assistance. This comfortable foam padded cushion is available with either a machine washable fleece cover, or an easy wipe-clean vinyl finish(suitable for incontinence use).

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Where additional shipping costs are incurred for destinations outside the mainland UK, these will be advised by email or telephone to the customer, who can then use this item to release orders held pending settlement of any excess charge.

Any Excess Shipping Charge will be set by our admin team and cannot be altered by the customer. 

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