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Our Brands

Our Mission

The mission of Polymorit is to create products that provide support and physical independence for our ageing population to enhance the quality of life of every individual, by maintaining their freedom and dignity within their own familiar surroundings, for as long as possible.

Building on the foundation laid by the medical inventor, Colin Morritt, who designed the original medical turntable, the MediDisk and the TurnEasy Swivel cushion, Polymorit is dedicated to developing a unique family of products which are designed to advance this purpose.

Polymorit branded products have positively affected the lives of thousands of individuals over the past 25 years. As social care funding comes under increasing economic pressure, now, more than ever, Polymorit is determined to remain at the forefront of the revolution in Community Care.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where the needs of our aging populations are recognised and provided for through innovation and development; a world where resources are responsibly managed to improve the quality of life of whole communities.

Sustainability must be at the heart of every policy initiative, bringing together the interests of all stakeholders.

“As our communities live longer and lead more fulfilling lives, the fabric of our society will be touched by the wisdom and experience that age brings, inspiring younger generations with a duty of care to one another and to our environment.”

Enabling individuals to remain in their own familiar surroundings and maintain their physical independence for as long as possible ensures that their contribution to society is valued and available for the benefit of the whole community.

This is the Polymorit Vision.

Our Solutions