The Government’s policy of slowing down the spread of the Covid-19 infection, is designed to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. However, it is not going to limit the overall spread of the epidemic, so we need to plan for the next phase, after a short period of restriction and self-isolation. It is unsustainable economically for business operations to shut down for long periods, so inevitably people will have to go back to work soon and that is when the whole thing could get a lot worse.

One of our colleagues spoke to a stone manufacturer who has had a production guy go down with Covid-19 and he has, as a result, had to shut his production line down – costing him £100K / week!! He said that if he had known about this pod he would definitely have had one – once back up and running he wants to put one in place.

The time to be getting things in place is NOW, while businesses can prepare a robust and rigorous plan to protect their sites. Polymorit is ready to assist and work with your team on site evaluation and recommendations for screening of visitors.

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