During this unusual time we should not forget those that rely so much on interaction with family and friends for their wellbeing.  Throughout lockdown visits to care facilities were put on hold as there was no safe way to conduct  a visit without the risk of someone passing something harmful on to the most vulnerable.  As lockdown has eased people are still unsure as to whether to allow visitations to see residents or not.  This is where the idea of a Garden Visiting Pod came from.

The PodStak Garden Visiting Pod will allow safe and secure visiting all year round allowing residents of care facilities to see and speak with family and friends.  Here are a few benefits of these Pods:

  • RESTORATION OF VISITING Our Pods have been created to enable the safe restoration of visiting by friends and relatives to support and maintain the welfare of their loved ones.
  • EXCELLENT THERMAL PERFORMANCE Our Pods are constructed using Structural Insulated Panels which provide superior thermal performance, which will last the life span of the building. The structure’s solid core of polyurethane (PUR) insulation ensures the building is heated evenly throughout and remains free from cold spots and benefits from reduced heating costs. Highly efficient insulation (U-value 0.15 w/m2).
  • LOW U-VALUE WALLS & ROOF Structural Insulated Panels offer extremely high thermal performance, the Polyurethane (PUR) core of rigid insulation and OSB/3 achieves U-Values as low as 0.10 Watts per Meter Squared Kelvin (W/m²K) or better, making significant savings on your annual heating costs.
  • INTEGRAL INSULATION The insulation is integral to our SIP Building System, and therefore eliminates the need and cost for cavity insulation.
  • EXTRA FLOOR SPACE Structural Insulated Panels create more internal floor space for the same external dimensions in comparison to masonry construction. This is because a SIP structure provides excellent strength and insulation in a smaller wall section.
  • SANITISABLE INTERNAL LININGS AND ROOM DIVIDERS Fully lined wipe clean interiors and screens are available to ensure that your Garden Visiting Pod can provide a safe space for visitors, residents and staff to meet in.

In addition to the benefits of the Pod itself, we have put together a great range of interior design choices for the walls and the floor.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose our Easy Clean internal linings:

  • SANITISATION – The No. 1 priority. PVC lining is widely used in areas which require sanitisation as it provides a continuous sealed surface where microbes cannot hide.
  • DURABILITY – These will look as fresh as the day you bought them, always. Stain and scratch proof and fully water resistant they are tough enough to deal with serious commercial usage
  • HUGE VARIETY OF STYLES – This easy to clean range boasts 20 wood, stone, or masonry effect patterns, plus plain white. One of the best features about interior cladding is that you can mix and match the ranges to create a unique design statement to suite your taste.
  • LESS WORK – They wipe clean. Yes, just warm water and a bit of washing up liquid and they will look good as new every single day, no matter what you throw at them!
  • INSULATION – Yes, they will also help to add an extra layer of warmth to which ever room you choose to fit them in. Especially helpful in winter!!
  • FLAME RESISTANT – All of our interior cladding products come with Class 1 Fire certificates, no matter what the finish or design.
  • WATER RESISTANT – So important in outdoor rooms which are subject to wide variations in temperature, install interior cladding and forget about problems with damp and mildew on your walls and ceilings.

And finally here are a few points showing how important a good quality floor is when considering your Pod design:

  • THE TOUGH FLOOR Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the perfect flooring solution for any care facility, including Garden Visiting Pods. LVT provides a warm and comfortable underfoot surface that insulates sound and is sound absorbing, creating a low noise impact and making it energy efficient. Being easy to maintain and clean makes the flooring suitable for sanitisation. Its multi-layered construction preserves the finish under a PU protective coating that has built-in anti-bacterial properties making it hygienic and perfectly safe for vulnerable people.
  • THE WATERPROOF FLOOR With realistic wood, stone and marble textured surfaces and 100% water resistant composition, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a great choice for care facilities, providing a natural touch.
  • ECONOMIC This Luxury Click Tile flooring is economic for smaller projects, offering a simple click together mechanism without the wastage or joint sealing of continuous roll widths.
  • THE 25 YEAR GUARANTEE FLOOR LVT is a durable hardwearing surface that can cope easily with more high intensity usage areas such as halls or living rooms, and it comes with a market-leading 25-year residential guarantee and 10-year high usage commercial environment guarantee.
  • LARGE RANGE OF PATTERNS Choose from a range of 14 different wood, stone and marble effect patterns to complement the design of your Visiting Pod to make a beautiful retreat for your residents and visitors to enjoy in safety.

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