The Location

St Luke’s Hospital is an independent Registered Care Home with Nursing, offering both long-term and short-term care. They aim to provide a high standard of patient care, ensuring privacy, dignity, and freedom of individual choice. St Luke’s offers high-quality care in a calm, kind, compassionate way; it’s more than a hospital, more than a care home, more than just consultation suites. Residents understand this, describing the staff as family and see St Luke’s as a secure and trusted place to be.

St Luke’s developed from the vision of Mary McMaster, a physiotherapist who set up a convalescent home in North Oxford in 1957. The Headington site opened its doors and had its first patients in 1982. It was registered as a charity which cares for dependent older persons, however, they accommodate people of all ages from 18+. It has remained a charitable organisation and is governed by the Council of St Luke’s.

blank Living Building

St Luke’s is a living environment, in more ways than one, and when a new 2nd floor was to be built over the existing building, a living wall was incorporated into the scheme over the reception area creating a new focal point and enhancing the greenery within the grounds.

The Garden at the rear is a particularly tranquil spot enjoyed by many of the residents and neighbours to the site, so when St Luke’s Hospital wanted to find a suitable Visiting Pod to enable safe visiting to resume, it was important that the new building would fit in to these idyllic surroundings.


The Garden Plot

In one corner of the garden was an overgrown area of stony soil previously reserved as turning circle for Fire Engines visiting the site, but now redundant. Here you can see the site being set out for the new building with Ground Screws being inserted to provide a firm and level foundation. As the site slopes with a fall of more than 200mm it was necessary to dig away soil at the front to make the floor level accessible from both front and back of the building.

blankBeating the Weather

Despite the inclement weather, the work must go on! Here the floor is down and walls starting to go up. With everything prepared in the factory the Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) fit together quickly and the structure takes shape and can be seen below weathered in for the night. blank


Made to measureblank

Weather still making life more difficult than it needs to be! Red cedar Cladding partly finished and double door sets waiting to be installed. Notice how neatly the building fits between the trellis and the wall.


In the completed picture below, you can see how attractive the combination of Red Cedar and Grey Cladding looks and how well this building complements the surroundings. Concrete paving slabs have been laid to provide ramps for both doorways.


Finishing touches

Interior surfaces were lined with PVC interlocking wall and ceiling panels and interlocking composite floor panels to provide a waterproof and sanitisable surface. The feature wall natural stone effect creates an attractive and homely feel to this cosy sanctuary where residents and their loved ones can once again enjoy meeting in a Covid-safe way with an acrylic screen and integrated intercom, connecting the visitors to the Garden Pod with staff in the main building.




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