CASE STUDY 6 – Michael’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Dementia condition


Michael lives in a nursing home and has dementia. Due to his condition, he is very uncooperative and challenging when the staff have to turn him in bed.

There always has to be two members of staff when turning Michael as he becomes agitated, moving around and grabs at everything when he is being turned.

The TurnAid was put in place and the care staff all confidently trained in its use.


After two weeks with the TurnAid in place not only are the carers relying entirely on the system to do their work, but the patient is also much calmer and settled when being turned. Due to the system he now just clutches a cushion and can be turned safely, easily, and calmly with only one carer using the TurnAid.

The staff at the care home are very happy with the TurnAid as it has allowed Michael to be calm and restful when being turned and more importantly not putting carers at risk anymore as when he used to strike out. Not only has it saved time in how long it takes to turn Michael, but now also only the time of one carer is required to turn Michael.

To view the TurnAid click on the link below:

Information on Dementia Conditions from NHS:

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