CASE STUDY 5 – Paul’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Double Amputee condition


Paul is a very large service user weighing approximately 25 stone/159 kg and is also a double amputee. He needs a wide bed, 110 cm wide, to be able to be turned safely and effectively. Due to the width of the bed, it means the carers are at a distance from the client when turning him and attending personal tasks, putting them at risk of injury and strain.

The TurnAid was put in place with an extra-long turning sheet due to the size of the bed.

The care staff and Paul were all trained in the use of TurnAid.


The TurnAid was a great success, meaning Paul can be turned and moved in bed without carers pushing and touching him, giving him massive pain relief in his legs as he is now not being pushed when turned, but gently and smoothly rolled. For Paul it is a great relief, and he is overjoyed with the TurnAid.

For the care staff it means better working conditions. They can now easily turn Paul in bed and can use the system to bring him closer to the edge of the bed when doing personal care tasks so they are no longer put at risk of injury through straining and stretching when turning and working on Paul.

To view the TurnAid click on the link below:

Information on Amputation Condition from NHS:

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