CASE STUDY 8 – Joel’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Multiple Sclerosis condition


Joel has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which has resulted in him being dependent on a hoist for all transfers and assistance of at least two carers for all bed mobility. The two carers who regularly assist with all bed mobility advised they were struggling to support Joel due to limited space on the standard single size profiling bed due to Joel’s size. Sliding sheets were in use, however they advised there was still a struggle due to the limited space surrounding the bed and Joel’s weight.

It was however not feasible to replace the bed for a wider bed as the space in the bedroom would not facilitate this. The carers requested support of a third carer to enable them to continue to carry out these tasks safely within the current environment.


TurnAid allows a person to be turned using a powered mechanism reducing the amount of weight the carers are required to support. The mechanism of TurnAid slides a person towards the carers before turning them on their side in one smooth movement. This method takes up a lot less space on the bed when turning the person whilst also eliminating the need to manually slide the person across the bed prior to the turn using sliding sheets.

Joel’s two regular carers reported they were able to feel the benefits of using the system immediately. They confirmed that the TurnAid eliminated the need to manually reposition Joel on the bed using sliding sheets, which reduced the strain on them. The carers also advised there was no longer a need to increase the care package or witch the bed as they were now able to turn Joel safely using minimal strength and providing a smoother, more comfortable movement for Joel.

To view the TurnAid click on the link below:

Information on Multiple Sclerosis Condition from NHS:

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