CASE STUDY 4 – Joanna’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Multiple Sclerosis condition

Joanna’s diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis has a great impact on her overall functional levels and causes her to experience numbness which results in a frequent need to reposition. A care package has been set up and carers provided support three times a day and her husband provides support during the night.

One of Joanna’s most significant challenges was managing her bed transfers and mobility, as a result Joanna’s husband was being disturbed 4 times a night to assist with repositioning in bed due to pain, numbness, and discomfort. In addition, Joanna often required assistance to lift her legs into bed. This limited Joanna’s level of independence greatly and increased the pressure on her husband, especially at night.


On assessment, Joanna demonstrated that she was able to independently use the handset of the TurnAid to reposition herself from one side to the other and on her back as required. This enabled Joanna to manage the discomfort and numbness she frequently experienced without the support of her husband.

Another challenge that was overcome with TurnAid was Joanna’s ability to lift her legs into bed. With TurnAid in place, Joanna was able to sit on the edge of the bed and use the handset to rotate the sheet around the roller which caused the sheet to bring Joanna’s full body weight onto the bed. Once her legs were on the bed, Joanna was able to use a manual leg lifter to swing her legs round into an appropriate position on the bed – this task was carried out completely independently.

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Information on Multiple Sclerosis Condition from NHS:

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