Overcoming staff shortages and moving patients out of hospital into the community

Overcoming staff shortages and moving patients out of hospital into the community

Dr David Skilling of Landfall Strategy Group, an economic and policy advisory firm, has a tremendous insight into changing global market dynamics. He was previously a New Zealand Government Advisor and a Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Co. During one of his recent talks on the outlook for 2022, he highlighted the very tight labour market across all leading economies and how this is affecting labour migration across industry sectors, especially impacting low paying occupations.

Anyone involved in the care sector will know this first-hand. Staff shortages have never been such a pressing issue and at the same time there has never been more pressure to move patients out of hospital and back into the community. We are blankfacing a capacity crisis, again, in our hospitals and in social care, which is exacerbated by the surge in Covid cases.

According to the BHTA publication, THIIS Magazine, figures just released by the NHS show that in November more than 10% of beds in hospitals were blocked with patients who were medically fit to leave hospital but could not be transferred due to a range of external factors. Hospital Discharge Teams are under tremendous pressure because of the lack of suitable care places to send them to.

How can Polymorit help with staff shortages?

Polymorit provides equipment for the care of patients with complex needs, that reduces the cost of care packages and the number of staff required to accommodate their nursing needs. The TurnAid is a simple but effective lateral turning system, replacing the bed rails on a standard profiling bed, to enable one carer to manage turning and repositioning patients in bed with dignity and little effort. This facilitates care at home, or in supported living and in Nursing Homes which would otherwise be considered too labour intensive and costly. Huge savings can be made in Nursing Care budgets by installing this system, which will pay back its investment cost many times over in a year, every year!

Why not get in touch today and arrange a Video Demonstration for your care team or a trial for a specific case? We’d love to talk to you about the business case for installing the TurnAid system in your Home. Call 0330 6600 125 or email sales@polymorit.com

Howard Payne – Managing Director, Polymorit Ltd.

Over one in 10 NHS England beds blocked in November as patients unable to be discharged

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