Polymorit traces its history back to Carlisle, near the Scottish border, when in 1983 an experienced stair-lift engineer, was commissioned by a Local Education Department to provide moving and handling solutions for Special Needs Children. Other commissions followed, including one from The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to create a solution for people who needed a high oxygen environment in their daily lives. Whilst the business developed a reputation for bespoke products, some of these innovative assistive living products were commercialised and are still doing valuable service today, to improve the quality of life of the less able and elderly.

The business was incorporated in 1991, initially as Montair Ltd, but changed its name in 1993 to Polymorit –‘Many disciplined’. New owners took over in 2004 and the company moved to Coventry, in the East Midlands, where it continued to build on its reputation for innovation and further developed the product range.

In 2015 the business moved again under new management to Horsham, in West Sussex and the current owners are committed to maintain the core features of quality, service and value that have become recognised as the Polymorit brand.

With rapidly advancing materials development and alternative techniques available, the business is harnessing new technologies to make a positive difference in the lives of those who need assistive and adaptive living solutions.

Polymorit Timeline