What is the Bariatric 300kg+ Care Package?

We have created a Care Package aimed at enabling single handed care for bariatric patients both in a care facility and in their own homes.  It can be quite difficult to piece together all of the necessary equipment that is needed so we have taken the time to hand pick products that when combined will ensure the patient is as comfortable and safe as they can be.  We cover the following categories within this care package:

  • Mattress
  • Profiling Bed
  • Lateral Turning System
  • Hoisting System
  • Gantry System

Take a look at the products below which can be purchased individually or as part of the complete care package.

Softform Bariatric Profiling Mattress – 340kg

The Softform 340kg Bariatric Profiling Mattress provides a high level of patient comfort whilst offering effective pressure re-distribution. Suitable for use on all types of profiling beds, the mattress is essential for patients whose needs cannot be met with standard products. This high specification pressure redistributing mattress has been designed to meet the demands of Community and Acute healthcare environments. Practical and durable, this mattress is suitable for those heavier patients that are considered at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers.


Octave Bariatric Profiling Bed – 385kg

With a safe working load up to 60 Stone (385 kg), the Invacare Octave is a robust yet stylish profiling bed solution that assists in the care and comfort of bariatric clients. With a fully electrical, 4-sectioned profiling mattress support as standard, the Octave provides optimal comfort and support to the client, as well as an ideal working environment for the carer. The frameless construction of the mattress platform allows improved side access to the client, and the bed ends can be detached independently of the side rails for quick and easy access to both head and feet.


TurnAid Lateral Turning System – 350kg

The TurnAid Lateral Turning System is developed to optimise the situations in relation with care of, moving of, and bed solutions for persons with severe physical disabilities in hospitals, institutions, or their own home. TurnAid improves the working environment just as it increases the safety and the dignity of the work with and the stay in care beds as turning and moving of persons become easy and discrete.  Reduce the number of carers needed to turn a patient and reduce the likelihood of injury to either the carer or the patient.

Molift Air 350 with 4pt sling bar

Molift Air 350 Ceiling Hoist System – 350kg

The Molift Air 350 is a smart, user-friendly ceiling hoist with an outstanding lifting capacity of up to 350 kg. Together with the Molift Rail System and Molift slings, the Molift Air 350 eliminate strenuous manual lifting in a wide range of care situations. It is a complete solution within patient handling, that creates a better working situation for carers and provides a better and more dignified quality of care for users.  The Molift Air 350 is a smart, user-friendly ceiling hoist with an outstanding lifting capacity of up to 350 kg.

Molift Quattro with Molift Air

Molift Quattro Hoist Gantry System – 350kg

Molift Quattro is a freestanding hoist unit that offers a (four post) Traverse System which is the best alternative when the hoisting need is temporary or when the facility is not build for fixed installations. The gantry is easy to install without the need to mount additional fixtures on wall or ceiling. It is ideally suited for temporary hoist applications in nursing or private homes.  The traverse has a lightweight aluminium frame and four steel posts that provides excellent stability and covers the surface of the hoisting requirement.