Airospring PRO products are safe for Institutional use

• The Airospring PRO (Pressure Relief Optimised) range of lightweight and breathable pressure care cushions and overlays are specifically designed and safe for Institutional use. By combating the build-up of pressure, heat and moisture, Airospring PRO products help to prevent these 3 primary causes of pressure sores. The range includes profiled pressure relief and posture supporting wheelchair cushions and MicroclimatTM mattress overlays.
• Airospring cushions and overlays distribute weight more effectively than foams and allow maximum airflow which provides micro-climate control and promotes the dissipation of perspiration and consequently reduces the risk of maceration of the skin. Recent tests to EN 31092 measurement of thermal and water vapour resistance confirm this. The materials are also isotropic and can help prevent shear on vulnerable skin.
• Airospring products are non-allergenic, 100% fully washable and provide odour control. They have been designed with your health and comfort in mind. For specific conditions or medical advice, you should consult your doctor or clinician.
• Waterproof and breathable stretch PU covers are available for the Airospring PRO range, to facilitate infection control procedures and assist with incontinence care.
• The Airospring PRO range includes a fire retardant interliner, meeting the BS 6807 (CRIB 5) standard and making them suitable and safe for Institutional use.

Pressure Relief Optimised


Fire Retardant to CRIB 5


Microclimate Humidity Control