Always have your medical records at your fingertips

Avoid catastrophic errors with Electronic Patient Records at the point of care

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There have been far too many reported incidents of the wrong medication being administered to patients within our healthcare system and many of these adverse incidents have been caused by a lack of access to the patient’s records including their medical history. Our UK manufactured EPR workstations on wheels (WOWs) are designed to cope with the everyday needs of care providers. They offer a cost effective solution to the requirement to have immediate access to the patient’s notes.

The e-Stak range has been developed over the last 16 years, based on feedback received from many NHS hospital staff.  We can supply a standard basic workstation to hold either a laptop or a monitor screen and keyboard, with the option to add modular units to facilitate a range of activities. We can also adapt the workstations for bespoke applications.

The need to have access to a patient’s records at the point of care is essential to maintain the integrity of decisions, dispensing of medication and effective monitoring of each patient’s progress. Our e-Stak WOWs are helping healthcare professionals meet the requirement that the patient’s notes and records must be available to authorised personnel, but kept secure, the rest of the time.

Electronic Workstations are the future of electronic record keeping in healthcare and e-Stak will be with you all the way.

They are performing sterling service in many NHS hospital wards, treatment rooms, clinics and care homes throughout the UK.


BASIC Workstation with laptop holders

The Basic Workstation has a durable laminated tabletop 554 x 594mm on a height adjustable stand with clamp plates to secure a laptop and mounting points for a modular range of accessories. Simplicity and aesthetics come standard with this versatile range.

Size: W 554 x D 647 x H 812 – 1203mm (Max worktop height)

MONITOR Workstation with VESA screen mount

The Monitor Workstation has the same durable laminated tabletop as the Basic Cart, 554 x 594mm on a height adjustable stand, but with a post to mount a VESA screen monitor and mounting points for a modular range of accessories. The screen mounting point is height and angle adjustable.

Size: W 554 x D 647 x H 812 – 1203mm (Max worktop height)

Modular Fittings to Build your own WOW!

  • Single Flip up
  • Twin Flip ups
  • A4 Folder holder
  • Utility tray
  • Lockable drawer
  • Rear secure PSU case
  • Rear wire PSU holder
  • VESA screen post to hold monitor