The HealthCo Family of High Quality Care Equipment

Polymorit has teamed up with HealthCo, bringing together a family of high-quality healthcare equipment for use in private homes and care establishments, including hospitals and hospices. These high-end products include Walkers, Movers, Lifters, Slings, Specialist Beds, Shower Aids and Specialist Chairs. The ability to bespoke manufacture many of the products in custom colours enables us to meet the requirements of clients with both new build and refurbishment projects. New products are being added to the range and we have extensive sourcing experience to provide a full service for your procurement operations.

There are 4 Walkers in the range to cater for internal use in Rehabilitation Departments covering different heights and abilities right up to bariatric use.  See available colours below:

The 4 different Movers are designed to accommodate both seated and standing transfers, featuring options for manual and electric function with fixed and adjustable legs.

Our range of mobile electric Lifters covers standard and bariatric hoisting applications, with attachments available for most common sling types.

We have 8 different Sling types available to complement the Lifters mentioned above, in a range of colour coded sizes for easy identification. There are 4 different fabric types to choose from as well, so please speak with our team to ensure you receive the correct style for your needs.

We list the 5 most popular Specialist Beds, but there is also a larger range available from the factory for multiple unit enquiries. The range shown includes beds for ICU and hospice care, including one with an integrated weighing function to aid general assessment of a patient’s progress. (This is not intended to supersede the need for independent weighing for medication dispensing).  See available colours below:


Our range of Shower Aids includes mobile trolleys and wall mounted tables with both hydraulic and electric function.

The Specialist Chairs provide fully adjustable posture support and built in pressure relief for patients with all manner of conditions, from post-surgical to long term care.

Please browse the ranges below and talk to one of our dedicated team if you have any questions.