More about the iD range

The iD range is one of the flagship brands of the Ontex Group, one of Europe’s leading healthcare manufacturers with a special focus on innovation, technology and research programmes.

iD offers a vast assortment of disposable pads suitable to all types and levels of incontinence. iD pads are latex-free and dermatologically tested, thereby minimising skin irritations, and providing users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management.

The ability to wick away fluids from vulnerable skin is especially important in prevention of the development of pressure sores. Skin maceration leading to cell destruction, is caused by the constant presence of fluids and it is known that moisture, along with heat and pressure, is one of the factors leading to the formation of pressure sores. If any one of these underlying pre-conditions are reduced or eliminated, there is less likelihood that a pressure ulcer will develop.

The iD Expert range is renowned for its comparatively higher levels of absorption offering both comfort and discretion, keeping the skin dry and protected for longer. Less frequent changes of pads during the day, also increases the freedom and confidence of users to go about their lives without fear of disruption.