Why a Medicart?

The journey into the colourful world of Medicart starts here. The Medicart care trolley series combines the most important functional principles of hygiene with trendy décor. Disinfectable work and floor hygiene panels provide everyone with the necessary workplace safety and well-being.

The ability to customise and colour the design of your cabinets is a major benefit of the Medicart range. Manufactured in Europe, these attractive and functional carts make up a family of products which will make every ward and department a safer, better and more attractive place to work.

These products complement our range of ProStak Secure medical Records Trolleys which can be viewed here.

Care and Work Carts

Medicart Care and Work Carts in laminate board construction, with a combination of drawers and doors, are used for Sanitary, Hygiene, Infection control and Emergency, Ancillary equipment and materials, Drugs dispensing, Bandages, etc. There are options for a rear wall upstand and fittings for auxiliary products and accessories. The possibilities are endless, so please ask and we will be pleased to provide a quotation.
Advanced features as standard:

  • Lockable
  • Shelves
  • Antibacterial Worktop
  • Rounded protective edge
  • Soft close drawer
  • Wrap around hinges on revolving doors
  • Heavy Duty Castors
  • Protective base overhang

The Care and Work Cart colour range (in addition to white) is shown below:


Station Wagons

The Medicart range also includes Station Wagons with a steel frame and double doors which can be linked to Laundry Trolleys, in a train.

Station Wagon features and Laundry Trolley Lid colours are shown below: