“The originals and still the best!”

This slogan has been aptly used to highlight the originality and quality of many of the Polymorit branded products. Demand for the range has remained strong for several decades. This is a testament to the quality of UK manufacturing and the fact that for many users these products were their means to maintaining independence and freedom to care for themselves in their own homes. They are particularly valued amongst Community OTs and PTs engaged in social care assessments.

Colin Morritt, the founder of Polymorit was a visionary engineer, who invented the first swivel seat cushion and floor turning disc for transfers from one seat to another. The same basic unit is used in both the TurnEasy and the MediDisk. With its 18-ball bearing race and impact resistant polymer disks, this device will still operate smoothly with up to 30 stone user weight. Other cheap lookalikes cannot match this performance and will invariably seize up, causing lower back strain for both users and carers.

The StandEasy, one of our best-selling products, has proved itself invaluable, restoring confidence to users who would otherwise be bed or chair bound due to the fear of falling. The ergonomic design of the handles was specifically created to provide the optimum support to users. Those with declining mobility will often benefit more from using their residual muscle strength, than losing this further by premature reliance on a rise and recline chair.

The OneWaySlide padded seat cushion is valued for patients who are liable to slip forwards in their chair. This device promotes better posture which is essential for structural support of the abdomen to avoid compression of vital organs, and aid digestive function.

Our BedBlocks (sold in pairs) are widely used to enable patients who find themselves slipping forward in bed, to self-help with, or without, assistance. Lightweight and with excellent grip on slippery bedding, these ergonomic hand supports provide relief and dignity for users.

The Justgo cushion was designed as a lightweight travel aid, providing 90° swivel action due to the easy glide high tech fabric, which helps users with reduced mobility to access a car seat or dining chair.