More about the Steiss Brand

Steiss is a global brand synonymous with quality healthcare equipment that not only functions well, but also looks good too, complementing the quality of care services provided by health care operators. Care staff always feel more valued when they are using great products to complement their skills. The diverse range includes a unique 4-in-1 alternating air pressure care mattress, chair scale, and various patient wheelchairs and transfer aids.

The UTS 4-in-1 Hybrid Air Pressure Mattress System features an onboard air pump providing a less intrusive but more versatile user experience particularly beneficial in community and palliative care environments. The hybrid system facilitates changing care needs from Grade 1 to Grade 4 risk levels within the one unit allowing a single user to remain on the same mattress. In end-of-life situations, when the focus of care may change from intervention to providing palliative care, the UTS, with its combination of foam and air cells, has proven to be much more comfortable for users than a conventional alternating mattress. This reduces both inventory and decontamination costs for care providers. The ability to roll the mattress for storage, when not in use, minimises space and therefore also reduces storage and logistics costs.

The CS300 Chair Scale boasts a fully digitised measuring function in a futuristic and modern design. Particularly popular in new care environments, as with all Steiss products, this device will continue to not only perform well, but also look good in any setting.

Selected products are available below: