What is the TurnAid Lateral Turning System?

TurnAid has been developed with the aim of optimising the situation around care, turning and repositioning of severely disabled persons in hospitals, institutions and in own homes.

TurnAid is an aid designed for mounting on care beds. It combines two known functions in terms of respectively bed rails and electric turning system.

TurnAid is also suitable for persons at risk of getting pressure ulcers, as the design of the system allows a repositioning in the sheet with reduced friction and shear between the patient and the sheet.

To enable single handed care, the TurnAid comes with a foot control as standard.  This allows the carer to have noth hands free to ensure their patient is comfortabl and feels safe at all times.

TurnAid can handle persons with a body weight of up to 350 kg and performs the task with reduced strain for both patients and caregivers.

TurnAid is easily fitted onto many different types of care beds, with universal brackets as well as variable length and width adjustments so that the combined solution meets the strict requirements of medical directives in these aspects.

Below are a few videos which explain specific points about the TurnAid.

The TurnAid Lateral Turning System

The hand control and foot control

The Slide Sheet and the Pull Sheet

Using the profiling function on the bed

The 3 positions of the side rails