The World’s most innovative Multi-Function Walking and Mobility Aid

Invented by Tukimet, Finland’s premier mobility equipment manufacturer, the Wheellator is a unique combination walking aid crossover between a wheelchair and a rollator. It is much more, however, than the sum of its parts, as it provides a solution that neither device on their own can perform.

Keeping mobile and active are indicated in the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions where the recommendation is to walk more frequently and further, such as COPD, MS, Parkinson’s, Cauda Equina Syndrome and Stroke (where the patient can weight bear and has some mobility). At the same time many users may wish or need to be able to exercise alone and often outdoors. This is where the Wheellator comes into its own. It imparts confidence to users that they are well supported and after a period of exercise, they can pause and rest safely before resuming their activity. The Wheellator can be pushed like a walker, self-propelled by hand or foot by the user, or with the handles reversed, it can be pushed like a wheelchair by a companion. It can be easily rotated on its own axis around the user during transition between functions. It also has adjustable height handles, footrests and seat back support to suit different height users and comes in an attractive range of colours – Black, Orange, Green and Blue/White.

Its robust construction is the result of many years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the Finnish Health Service. Low cost alternatives were never capable of withstanding the rigours of the rugged environment, so Tukimet’s extensive range of mobility aids has proven to be longer lasting and better designed.

The Wheellator is ideal for residential use, in nursing homes, for rehabilitation in hospitals and clinics, for public access venues such as stately homes, museums, parks and gardens as well as at transport hubs such as airports, where passengers with reduced mobility can benefit from the increased freedom and independence.