More about XtraSan

XtraSan is a range of alcohol-free anti-virus hand and sanitiser, created in response to a request to find a bactericidal and virucidal additive for paints and coatings. A powerful polymeric biocide was discovered and when tested it was found to be extremely effective against Human Coronavirus and specifically the SARS Cov 2 which is the cause of Covid-19. The result was that this effectiveness has been harnessed to create a range of products that will give immediate and long lasting protection against this type of virus infection.

XtraSan, is a complex polymeric biocide and virucide that is applied to the hands or surfaces for the purpose of removing common pathogens (disease-causing organisms) and viruses including COVID-19.


  • Contains NO Alcohol but kills 99.999% of virus/bacteria in a broader spectrum and over a much longer time than alcohol gels
  • Does not dry skin, in fact it moisturises
  • Leaves a highly active residual dry film on skin and surfaces.
  • Any excess liquid from decontamination is harmless for drainage.

Download our helpful guidance for Sanitisation of Premises here.