Accessories for Nursing and Work Trolleys

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Accessories for the Nursing and Work Trolleys can be chosen from the drop-down below.

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The following accessories are for use on the Nursing and Work trolleys:

Z-42463-5 Push Handle
Z-42463-4 Coat Hook (Double)
63680 Disinfectant Dispenser (Elbow operated, for 42464/42467)
63694 Disinfectant Dispenser (Auto Sensing)
63693 Disinfectant Dispenser (Auto Sensing)
61010 Gloves Box Holder
61019 Gloves Box Holder
61001 Gloves Box Holder
Z-42463-3 Waste Collection Bucket with Lid
Z-42463-6 Waste Collection Container (Knee operated)
Z-42463-7 Waste Collection Container (Knee operated)
Z-42475-2 Drawer Sub-dividers
Z-42463-8 Slatted Internal Wall Fittings (Pair)
Z-42463-10 Plastic tray
Z-42463-11 Plastic Basket
Z-42463-12 Plastic Basket
Z-42463-13 Lid for Plastic Trays or Basket
Z-42463-14 Wire Mesh Basket
Z-42469-1 Drawer Lock with 2 keys for Item 42469
Z-42469-2 Door Lock with 2 keys for Item 42469
Z-42632-1 Door Lock with 2 keys for Items 42632/5
Z-42632-2 Drawer Lock with 2 keys for Items 42632/5
Z-42475-1 Central Drawer Stack Lock with 2 keys for Item 42475


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