Airospring AS400PRO Pressure Relieving Cushion





•Help to prevent development of pressure ulcers
•Allows air to flow through so the skin will keep cool.
•100% washable. No need to take it out of its cover.
•Extremely lightwieght.

Product Features:

•XD spacer fabric is isotropic. This allows movement in any direction to help reduce sheer.
•Fully washable. Put the whole cushion into the washing machine.
•Includes a fire resistant cover which complies with the BS 6807 Crib5 standard.
•Supplied with a fully washable and water resistant PU cover which also attains the Crib5 standard.
•Has a recovery from compression profile more than 4 times better than memory foam


•Length –
•Width –
•Thickness –

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AS300PRO - AS400PRO Whitepaper application/pdf 892 KB


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