Airospring MT230 Pressure relief Mattress Topper

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The MT230 is a Pressure relieving Mattress Overlay for Domestic use, offering superior performance supported by pressure mapping data.

Never before have you had a sleep like this, thanks to Airospring’s Pressure Relief Mattress Topper. Have you forgotten what it feels like to spend the night in a comfortable bed? Is your mattress giving you problems, aches or pains? These common difficulties can be solved with the Airospring MT230 mattress overlay. It’s created using the same high-quality materials and technologies as our leading pressure relief cushions. Lay it on your bed and get superior pressure relief and effective distribution of your weight to avert morning stiffness, soreness and aches.

This mattress topper has been designed with your health and comfort in mind. Our unique technology makes it completely breathable for total comfort and coolness. Our patented microclimate design dissipates any perspiration to prevent you from getting too hot, and improves air circulation when you’re too cold. All of our products are non-allergenic and provide odour control for a complete solution to relieve everyday stress. The Airospring MT230 also provides a number of other benefits, many of which you won’t find from competitors on the market.

Airospring has worked in close collaboration with leading experts from the University of Bolton in the technical and medical textiles fields to produce this popular and unique pressure relief mattress topper. The 3D-knitted XD Spacer fabric is carefully designed and constructed to provide an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Be it a full night’s sleep or a quick nap, this product will ensure you sleep soundly and wake up feeling happy and refreshed. We know you’ll love our products, but we also offer a 14-day refund guarantee just in case you aren’t fully satisfied. Buy today and don’t live another day in discomfort.

If you are purchasing for Institutional use, please see our PRO range of products which comply with Crib 5 fire safety regulations.



Product Features:

•Harnesses the energy of microspring technology
•Helps distribute pressure effectively.
•Open knit honeycomb structure allows air to flow through the overlay.
•Made from 100% Polyester.
•100% washable.
•Extremely lightweight.


•Promotes comfort restful sleep and provides comfort all day long.
•Reduces the risk of pressure sores.
•Keeps you cool in summer and comfy all year long.
•Relieves users of allergies.
•Is machine washable at 60ºC. No need to take it out of its cover.
•Easy to handle and soft to touch.


•Length – 195cm
•Width – 88cm
•Thickness – 2.5cm

Title Type Size
blank Pressure Care Whitepaper application/pdf 1 MB


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