DuoSafe Pressure injury prevention A+E Trolley Mattress

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Manufactured with a firmer 65kg/m³ base and soft 30kg/m³ foam top with differential thicknesses to provide temporary support for patients transiting through A+E. Bullet Shaped at the head end to suit the Lifeguard® 20/50 trolley. Total thickness is 130mm. The base layer is contoured to provide structured support and relieve pressure on bony prominences.

A rectangular shaped mattress is also available to suit older style 41000/42000 trolleys.

There are 2 sizes of mattress:
DUO1: 195x56x13cm
DUO2: 195x66x13cm

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Proven performance
The DuoSafe pressure redistributing foam trolley mattress replacement system, has been developed for highly vulnerable patients in A&E and any healthcare situations where the use of a trolley is necessary. The DuoSafe system is manufactured using two layers of foam, the base layer is a higher density foam providing support for the patient in the sitting position and the top layer is a lower density foam for comfort and easy gatching. This has resulted in a comfortable and stable mattress design, which maximises pressure redistribution, thereby aiding the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Comfort and safety in mind
Prolonged waiting times for admission have resulted in patients being nursed on trolleys, leading to a demand for a premium product that will not only provide comfort and a stable support surface for resuscitation or complex medical interventions, but furthermore prevent the development of pressure ulcers.

Safe and convenient for Patients and Carers
The DuoSafe mattress has been designed and tested by Comfortex research and development facility, to ensure optimum and reliable performance and value for money.

Pressure area index
Pressure Area Index (PAI) indicates the ability of a surface to spread pressure across available contact area. The higher the PAI, the better the performance.

Cover features
• Two way stretch.
• Vapour permeable.
• Water resistant.
• Antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and fungistatic.
• Antistatic.
• Concealed zip.
• Welded Seams.
• Clearly marked covers with washing instructions.
• Secure fitting.

DuoSafe mattress
Average PAI Values 51 kg, 86kg and 145kg subject.

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