Flexible Roll

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The Flexible Roll Board is lightweight & comes in a material bag, meaning the board can be easily rolled and stored away. The flexible nature ensures there are no solid ridges to the board making transfer more comfortable and adaptable to different surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  1. Flexible, easy to use design
  2. Easy to clean
  3. High slip surface
  4. Reusable
  5. Washable or can be wiped clean
  6. Safe and easy patient movement
  7. Latex free ? minimises risk of allergic reaction
  8. MRI compatible


Transfer Devices From GBUK Banana Offers

  • A wide range of innovative products
  • Compliance with safe manual handling procedures
  • Increased safety for carer and the patient

Product Features

  • Rolls for easy storage
  • Thin and lightweight
  • SWL 150kg


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