Heritage II Lateral Turn combination alternating air mattress replacement

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The Heritage II Digital Turn dynamic mattress replacement system is an all in one, high risk alternating air pressure mattress, with a 30 degree lateral turn function. It provides very high optimal therapy for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in any care environment. The Heritage II Digital Turn reduces interface pressures by up to 50%, resulting in greater stimulation to the capillaries and saving valuable nursing time for other duties.



Feature Benefit
Cell-on-cell construction Provides excellent pressure reduction and support for patients up to 255kg/ 40 stone
Comfort control Allows nursing staff to adjust pressures to suit individual patient requirements and provide enhanced comfort and support whilst maintaining a good level of protection and therapy.
Transport mode Robust and easily activated transport facility allows mattress to remain inflated for up to 24 hours providing a security buffer in case of mains power failure, whilst also facilitating patient/bed movement without unnecessary risk to patient.
Low air loss Reduces skin heat and moisture by utilising the alternating air after each cycle releasing up to 100 litres of air underneath the cover to ventilate and cool the skin for climate control.
True comfort True Comfort provides a support surface during the alternating cycle which gives a level surface creating further comfort and prevents bottoming out.
Rapid CPR deflation CPR pull and twist release provides rapid deflation for emergency situations to ensure CPR can commence as quick as possible.
Audible and visual alarms Audible and visual low pressure and power failure alarms enhance patient safety and ensures peace of mind for nursing staff.
Auto-lockout function Enhances patient safety by preventing accidental or unintentional setting changes. After a period of inactivity the control panel will automatically lockout.
Adjustable hanging brackets Allows power unit to be securely attached to various beds.
Stretch, waterproof, vapour permeable PU cover Improves patient comfort and maintains skin integrity by reducing shear and friction forces whilst aiding infection control.
Welded seams and enclosed zip Provides protection against the ingress of fluids into the mattress ensuring maximum protection and longevity for the mattress.
Easily accessible 360° zip Ensures cover can be easily removed for inspection, infection control and laundry washing.
Integral and covered air pipe Reduces possibility of fluid ingress to aid infection control.
Securing straps Provide added stability and ensure the mattress is kept in position on the bedframe.
Cable management system Eliminates tripping hazardsfrom loose cabling and reduces potential for power damage cable.


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