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The Lo-Raiser is an innovative device to help manually raise a patient who has some lower body strength. The Lo-Raiser can also help raise patients forward in a chair to either standing or transferred to a wheelchair. The Lo-Raiser helps reduce the risk of short cuts being taken and offers a quick safer solution to manually raise from the floor or move from a confined space.

Features & Benefits

  1. Safe Raise
  2. Safety support strap
  3. Two ladder handles for safe control
  4. Adjustable strapping for comfort
  5. Colour coded straps and buckles
  6. Mesh bag for easy storage
  7. Washable up to 60 degrees
  8. Can be used for transfers in/ out of car and chair
  9. 100kg SWL from the floor and 200kg SWL from a chair


Patient Elevation From GBUK Banana Offers:

  • The complete package for assisting patients who have fallen
  • A solution for moving patients from a supine to a seated position
  • A simplified solution for patient elevation in all circumstances
  • An enhanced level of patient comfort & safety

Product Features

  • Safe Raise
  • Safety support strap
  • Two ladder handles for safe control
  • Adjustable strapping for comfort


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