MediDisk Turntable

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This small, lightweight stand-on turntable is ideal for individuals who can stand, but have difficulties turning when making a transfer. The MediDisk turns a full 360° in any direction, making it suitable for a variety of transfer situations. By placing a foot on the flexible rim the carer can control the movement of the turntable, leaving hands free to provide support to the user. The MediDisk also provides the smoothest possible turning movement through its twin ball race system. This transfer-disc reduces the risk of injury to both carer and user.


The integrated carrying handle also makes this an easily transportable transfer aid.


  • Reduces patient movement during transfers
  • Easily controlled by carer
  • Smooth turning motion – greater degree of balance for user
  • Suitable for transfers both inside and outside
  • MediDisk does not require any servicing or greasing


  • Made from durable and lightweight Abs plastic
  • Easily portable
  • Has an integrated carying handle
  • Effective braking system
  • Rubber pads on underside to prevent slipping

User Instructions

Place the MediDisk in a suitable position on the floor, allowing the user to position both feet evenly on the turntable. The carer then places their foot gently on the flexible rim of the MediDisk, to act as a brake. The user places both feet firmly and evenly onto the turntable and, with the assistance of the carer, raises to a standing position. The carer then gently releases the brake, guiding the patient round to the desired position. The carer then activates the brake again, and the patient can then be assisted to the chair/ bed/ toilet etc.


Diameter 381mm (15”)
Maximum user weight 115 kg (18 stone)
Product Weight Less than 1kg

Title Type Size
MediDisk application/pdf 3 MB


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