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This is a true British concept and  solution to manage virus pandemics. Screen, segregate, isolate, decontaminate, reuse. The 3 Pod system provides a complete solution to ensure that persons who test positive to viruses such as Covid-19, are not allowed to enter sensitive or critical facilities. This includes Healthcare units, Government buildings, Defence establishments, and Transport hubs . The security and safety of public servants and patients is of paramount importance and the implications of a contagious virus entering these critical institutions could be catastrophic.

As this system is manufactured in the UK, it is rapidly deployable to meet the most urgent needs and is available by outright purchase or through one of our finance options. Select from the following options, 1. – Screening Pod, 2. – Changing Pod, 3. – Isolation Pod, or 4. – Complete stack of all 3 pods.

Installation price on application, by quotation only.

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The PodStakVirus Containment and Testing Facilities are designed to be integrated with access control fencing or panels to funnel visitors through the facility. The system comprises the following 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.1m units with microscopically smooth, wipe-able and washable surfaces to ensure there is nowhere for bacteria to lodge:

  1. Screening Pod with hand hygiene station, with space for 2 x clinical personnel and patient chair. These walk through, 2 x single door units are used to test and assess all visitors who are seeking access to the facility. In the event that a visitor tests positive, the testing pod can be temporarily locked and decontaminated before being accessed by another visitor. Tests are administered to client requirements by client personnel on site.
  2. Changing Pod for donning and doffing PPE, with space for 2 x client personnel with clean area segregated from contaminated area, with separate doors at either end of the pod. Provided with hand sanitiser gel dispenser, clinical waste bin, hand hygiene station, laminated instruction posters, etc.
  3. Isolation Pod for preventing the spread of the virus from persons who test positive, pending transfer. A hospital side-room with ante-room, including hand wash station, double door access and single door exit, with space for bed, negative pressure ventilation, oxygen and medical gas.

This unique British made global solution is manufactured using recycled glass structural insulated panels, to all relevant fire safety regulations, and is also totally recyclable at the end of its useful life cycle. All surfaces are compatible with the LumiBio system providing no scope for harbouring of bacteria. The removable jack wheels make the PodStak units easily manoeuvrable and the 8mm thick floor makes them accessible by wheelchair without the need for a ramp. Supplied either fully assembled to be lifted and wheeled into place, or if preferred, can be supplied in kit form to be assembled on site.

Units can be made completely bespoke in any shape or size, to site any site layout, using the same established principles for our PodStak™ accessible bathroom pods. See suggested typical layout illustration.

Optional Extras include:

• High level extraction for airborne decontamination.
• Hygienic LED lighting system.
• High level extraction for airborne contamination.
• Energy monitoring devices can be installed
• Additional Thermal and Acoustic options are available.
• Underfloor heating.

Typical layout:


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Additional information

Pod Type

1. Screening Pod, 2. Changing Pod, 3. Isolation Pod, Stack of all 3 pods


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