S2 Single Layer Long Term Care Mattress



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Manufactured from a 41kg/m³ single piece foam with 150mm thickness to provide long term support for patients in care homes and hospices.

There are 2 sizes of mattress:
Acute: 198x86x15cm
Standard: 190x90x15cm



The S2 range has been developed to provide a cost effective 24 hour solution for your patients and staff. The range includes a pressure redistributing foam mattress replacement, overlay and seating system.

Foam mattress
• Made from high quality polyurethane foam.
• The S2 mattress system is made from a 41 KgM3 density foam to eliminate the risk of “bottoming out”, whilst still offering unrivalled comfort and pressure relief.
• SWL 120Kg.

Comfort and safety in mind
Suitable for hospitals, hospices, care homes  for the sick and elderly or in community care.  S2 meets all infection control guidelines and  fire retardancy regulations.
Safe and convenient for patients and carers
The S2 mattress has been designed and tested  by Comfortex research and development facility, to ensure good, reliable performance and value  for money.
Pressure area index
Pressure Area Index (PAI) indicates the ability of a surface to spread pressure across available contact area. The higher the PAI, the better the performance.
Cover features
• Two way stretch.
• Vapour permeable.
• Water resistant.
• Antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and fungistatic.
• Easy to clean and maintain.
• Concealed zip.
• Clearly marked covers with Turn Table guide and washing instructions.

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