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The Selina Walker with breaks allows the users safe and independent movement by giving them safe support during walking. The walker can be used for support when getting up from a chair or bed and for rehabilitation after injuries and operations. The walker can be fixed by means of two handbrakes located on the rear castors and two separate brakes located on the front castors.

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  • Hand brake controls
  • Safe support during walking
  • Padded arm rests
  • Designed for rehabilitation after injuries and operations
  • The maximum dimensions of the walking trolley are as follows: 75 cm (length), 72 cm (width
  • Height adjustable by means of a gas spring: from 92 cm to 122 cm
  • Horizontally adjustable handles
  • Hand supports with adjustable width: external dimensions from 63 to 81 cm, internal dimensions from 35 to 54 cm
  • With hand brakes
  • Seamless padding: 5 cm
  • Upholstery available in 37 colors
  • Front castors with a diameter of 100 mm, each castor is equipped with a brake, rear castors with a diameter of 75 mm – each castor is equiped with a handbrake
  • trolley weight: 20 kg
  • safe working load: 170 kg


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