SPU (Single Patient Use) Slide Sheets

£1.85 - £9.86

Strong and durable red hemmed slide sheets with high slip performance. Silicone coated on both sides with a low profile seam, this sheet provides long lasting, high slip characteristics to enable safe and easy patient repositioning and transfers.

Features & Benefits

  1. Strong sheet – optimum durability
  2. Individually packed – reduces unnecessary use
  3. Silicone coated with high slip finish
  4. Safe and easy patient movement
  5. Hanging strap – easy storage close to the patient
  6. Drawstring Bag available– minimises risk of misuse
  7. Latex free – minimises risk of allergic reaction
  8. Available in a wide choice of sizes
  9. Flat and Tubular sheets available
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Repositioning Devices From GBUK Banana Offers

Innovative products that have been developed by expert clinicians
Advanced materials and design technology
Scope for full compliance with manual handling techniques
Potential to reduce the risk of injury and increase efficiency & standards in practice

Product Features

Strong sheet – optimum durability
Individually packed – reduces unnecessary use
Silicone coated with high slip finish
Safe & easy patient movement


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