Steiss UTS 4-in-1 Hybrid Air Pressure Mattress System

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The Universal Therapy System (UTS) 4-in-1 hybrid pressure mattress presents a unique concept, bringing together years of experience and advances in technology.

The mattress incorporates an alternating air pump inside the unit and includes a repositionable foam section to adjust comfort levels and effectiveness of alternating air pressure therapy. All controls are on the handset provided for convenience of both careers and users.  It is suited to use in both community and acute sectors, enabling care givers to deliver the optimum level of care to service users.  The ability to step up or step down through grades 1 to 4 to manage pressure care needs, means that only one mattress is required throughout the care cycle of the user, from at-risk to palliative care.

The UTS 4-in-1 hybrid mattress system will help to drive down costs and improve outcomes for carers and their patients.




  • Suitable for Grades 1 to 4 pressure care
  • Motor is inside the mattress cover and is very quiet
  • Has cell-in-cell technology with foam in the bottom cell
  • Has a total of 21 cells instead of the standard 18
  • Auto sensing, with handset controls, including manual override


  • Step up/ step down capability means you only need 1 mattress throughout the user’s care cycle, reducing mattress inventory in the stores
  • Having the pump inside means you have no pump on the end of the bed, or pipes to get caught when profiling; plus, it’s a mattress that can be rolled for storage, unlike standard hybrids
  • The mattress will remain inflated for 24 hours when power is turned off meaning the user will not end up on a deflated mattress causing them pressure ulcers
  • The use of 21 cells gives the user more comfort as pressure is distributed across a greater number of cells.  Also the heel cells are softer which increases the comfort more
  • The auto sensing allows the carer to utilise the auto pressure sensing technology to set the required level of care, or manually adjust if preferred.  If the user can take care of themselves then this can be done just using the handset
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