The Wheellator is taking off at UK Airports

Standsted and Manchester Airports are deploying the Wheellator as a unique solution, to provide greater independence for passengers with reduced mobility. Click on the following link to see article in Thiis Magazine

Demonstrating that the Wheellator walking aid is ‘going places’

New addition to the family: The iD Expert Range

Polymorit is now offering the high quality iD Expert Range of incontinence products.  This complete range of products offers comfort and consistency that other products can’t.  When it comes to incontinence it has to be right first time and this is what you can guarantee from iD Expert products.  Click below to view our catalogue which includes the iD Expert Range along with competitive prices.

Walking is the best form of exercise

It’s one of the simplest forms of exercise and yet it offers so much.  We have done a bit of research and found out some interesting facts.  For instance, not only does walking have a physical impact on your body it can also have a mental impact of people.  It helps reduce depression and stress levels and improves your confidence and self-esteem.  It also helps to reduce some pain in conditions such as chronic arthritis.  Further to this, it lowers your blood sugar level.  Last but not least it helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and even coronary heart disease.

To help a wider range of people experience the benefits of walking, we have introduced a new and innovative product called the Wheellator.  This is a cross between a wheelchair and a rollator and is intended for extended duration walking.  People who suffer from COPD conditions or who are going through some sort of rehabilitation may struggle to get the needed amount of walking in each day to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind.  They may lack the confidence to go out with a standard rollator.  When this happens people stop doing the things they once loved like going for walks in the country or going to the shopping mall or going for a stroll on the beach.  With the Wheellator this is now possible again.  If you feel a little tired you can sit down,  self propel using the big wheels or have somebody push you until you feel strong enough to walk a bit further.  It is not intended to be used as a wheelchair over long periods of time, just when you need a breather.  You can view more information on the Wheellator here at

We have included a few links below to sites with more information on the benefits of walking and walking groups.  Please take a look and see for yourself the benefits that walking can have on you and your mind. 


Improving Vehicular Access

“It’s too hard for me to get in and out of my car!”  Losing the ability to get out and about is something which many people dread. That loss of freedom can have a detrimental effect on your general well-being. In addition to this there is a high risk of lower back strain for patients and carers when moving from a wheelchair to a car.

You’ll be glad to know, we have the solutions.

“Turning has never been so easy!”  A pair of devices that make it so much easier to access a car.  These are the originals, and still the best!  The MediDisk is used to rotate a patient from one seat to another.  The TurnEasy is used to effortlessly turn the patients’ legs into the foot well.  The TurnEasy has a padded cushion with a fleece cover for added comfort.  The restraining strap supplied attaches to the seat belt and will ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Enjoy travelling with Polymorit!

Overcoming the fear of falling

“Ouch there goes my back”.  How many times have carers experienced back pain because of having to lift a patient out of a chair or out of bed?  Not only will this be causing them pain, it may be causing the patient a lot of discomfort too.  This will only lead to faster deterioration of the patient.

But you will be glad to know there is a solution.

“I feel free and confident again”.  The StandEasy can restore a patient’s confidence in their ability to stand before walking from their seat.  Wherever they can use their own motive power to get out of chairs, beds and even off the toilet, without the need for assistance, this is beneficial for the patient psychologically and physically. This product removes the danger of carers hurting themselves and patients being injured by incorrect handling.  For more information on this product search StandEasy in the search bar at the top of this page.

Breakthrough in Pressure Care!

Polymorit has a particular interest in Pressure Care for patients who are at risk of acquiring Pressure sores or who need treatment & are recovering from them.  Many of these conditions are avoidable and increasingly the regulations applying to care providers are focussing on whether everything possible was done to prevent the patient from acquiring pressure sores. If there are tools available for the care of patients which are not being made use of, and the patient acquires a pressure sore, then this would be classed as an avoidable incident and could result in the care provider failing to pass an inspection.

We are excited about the technological breakthrough offered by the Airospring range of pressure relieving cushions and mattress overlays utilising the patented 3D Spacer fabric. This project was developed over a 6 year period in conjunction with the University of Bolton and a team of textile specialists. The construction of the material combines 2 separately knitted fabrics with connecting strands that provide the optimum spring effect to support the user. The result is a product which performs like the best foams and gels, but is superior to both in many respects:

  • Considerably lighter, so easier to carry
  • Not sealed in plastic, so completely breathable and does not cause sweating
  • Keeps fragile skin cool and dry
  • The whole product is fully washable for decontamination
  • Isotropic construction allows the elasticated cushion cover to move in all directions, creating maximum support with minimum sheer, thereby protecting fragile skin.

If you are not already using Airospring pressure care products, you are missing a vital piece of equipment in the toolkit available to care providers.