TurnAid Case Study – Multiple Sclerosis and Limited Care Space

CASE STUDY 8 – Joel’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Multiple Sclerosis condition Reasoning: Joel has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which has resulted in him being dependent on a hoist for all transfers and assistance of at least two carers for all bed mobility. The two carers who regularly assist […]

TurnAid Case Study – Bariatric Leg Fracture and Arthritic Joints

CASE STUDY 7 – Stan’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a heavy patient Reasoning: Stan has a care package of two carers that visit daily to assist with personal tasks which include turning Stan in bed. Stan weighs 27 stone/171 kg and has minimal ability to participate in the task. As a […]

TurnAid Case Study – Dementia and Agitation

CASE STUDY 6 – Michael’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Dementia condition Reasoning: Michael lives in a nursing home and has dementia. Due to his condition, he is very uncooperative and challenging when the staff have to turn him in bed. There always has to be two members of staff when […]

TurnAid Case Study – Double Amputee With Pain Intolerance

CASE STUDY 5 – Paul’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Double Amputee condition Reasoning: Paul is a very large service user weighing approximately 25 stone/159 kg and is also a double amputee. He needs a wide bed, 110 cm wide, to be able to be turned safely and effectively. Due to […]

TurnAid Case Study – Multiple Sclerosis and Numbness

CASE STUDY 4 – Joanna’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a Multiple Sclerosis condition Reasoning: Joanna’s diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis has a great impact on her overall functional levels and causes her to experience numbness which results in a frequent need to reposition. A care package has been set up and carers […]

TurnAid Case Study – Turning Induced Aggression Towards Carers

CASE STUDY 3 – Mike’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with an uncooperative patient Reasoning: Alternative methods and interventions such as a 4-way glide sheet had been trialed, however this had not reduced the risk or distress to Mike adequately. It was therefore decided to trial the TurnAid. TurnAid is a unique combination […]

TurnAid Case Study – Spinal Cord Fracture and Paralysis

CASE STUDY 2 – Arthur’s Story: How the TurnAid can be used with a paralysis condition Arthur is a 72-year-old gentleman who lives with his wife and two children. In 2012, Arthur experienced a fall from a height of 4 foot resulting in a fracture to C2 and C3 of his spinal cord. Unfortunately, this […]

Covid-19 – What happens after self-isolation?

The Government’s policy of slowing down the spread of the Covid-19 infection, is designed to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. However, it is not going to limit the overall spread of the epidemic, so we need to plan for the next phase, after a short period of restriction and self-isolation. It is unsustainable economically […]

PodStak™ Virus Containment and Testing Facility

The concept of the Virus Containment Pod was triggered by a report of a Covid-19 carrier entering a Doctor’s Surgery and endangering the health and lives of other patients in the waiting room. Problem Uncontrolled spread of illness within workforce’s/venues causing facilities to go into lockdown. We may have moved on from the days of […]

New addition to the family: The iD Expert Range

Polymorit is now offering the high quality iD Expert Range of incontinence products.  This complete range of products offers comfort and consistency that other products can’t.  When it comes to incontinence it has to be right first time and this is what you can guarantee from iD Expert products.  Click below to view our catalogue […]

Walking is the best form of exercise

It’s one of the simplest forms of exercise and yet it offers so much.  We have done a bit of research and found out some interesting facts.  For instance, not only does walking have a physical impact on your body it can also have a mental impact of people.  It helps reduce depression and stress […]

Improving Vehicular Access

“It’s too hard for me to get in and out of my car!”  Losing the ability to get out and about is something which many people dread. That loss of freedom can have a detrimental effect on your general well-being. In addition to this there is a high risk of lower back strain for patients […]

Breakthrough in Pressure Care!

Polymorit has a particular interest in Pressure Care for patients who are at risk of acquiring Pressure sores or who need treatment & are recovering from them.  Many of these conditions are avoidable and increasingly the regulations applying to care providers are focussing on whether everything possible was done to prevent the patient from acquiring […]