Tidy Storage

Tidy Storage

Tidy Storage

Keep your medical records tidy and secure

The ProStak Tidy Storage Solutions division manufactures a range of secure records trolleys and cabinets, which are widely used in hospitals and healthcare centres throughout the UK. These unique mobile and static cabinets have been developed in collaboration with NHS nursing and administrative personnel, to create the optimum working heights and storage capacities to assist busy care staff in fulfilling their daily duties efficiently and safely.

Confidentiality of patients’ data and healthcare records is of the utmost importance and the products in the ProStak range have assisted many organisations in fulfilling their duty of care obligations and meeting CQC inspection requirements.
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A large range of cabinets and storage solutions
Complementing the medical records trolleys, in different shapes and sizes, we have cabinets for many other purposes, from prescription boxes, to secure electronic games console units, medication dispensing trolleys, hygiene carts and Static Nurse Station Storage units.

Complete Fit out
In addition to this, if your project is more involved and you need to plan a refurbishment of your records department, or a full turnkey solution, the ProStak team are available to discuss and guide you through the process from concept and specification, to completion. Initial consultation is free, so please call us in for a project evaluation meeting and we will be delighted to prepare a proposal for you.

Prostak Secure Records Trolleys Range

Secure Trolleys

We manufacture static and mobile secure patients notes units in the UK. These have been developed over the past 10 years based on the feedback we have received from a large number of NHS hospital staff. There are a range of styles, providing the optimum storage solution.

Optional Extras

To enhance our offering of Secure Medical Notes Trolleys we offer a range of optional extras that can be either retrofitted to existing trolleys or fitted at point of manufacture creating a range of extremely versatile products to meet your every need.

Lock Options

We produce a number of manual, digital and RFID Lock options for your secure notes trolley. Whilst the most common is the Mk1 Digital Code Lock, most of our secure notes trolleys can have any one of four different locks fitted, or even bespoke locks to match your existing.

Other Items

At ProStak we are always striving to add new products to our range to ensure we offer our customers everything you need to keep your medical records and equipment secure. This section is dedicated to all those products that do not fall into any other group.